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Hulu Plus Vs. Netflix

Interesting Facts about Their Latest Features and Services



Among several video streaming services available, Hulu Plus and Netflix are two of the biggest names that people rely on for quality content and value for their money.

 These two companies are known for updating their new content regularly and providing great customer service.

 If you are confused which of these two is the best option for you, then this in-depth reviews of Hulu Plus and Netflix can help you make the right choice.


Archive of Films and TV Shows


Simply put, Netflix is known for its large content while Hulu Plus offers more of the latest TV shows.

Thus, it all boils down on what matters more to you.

For instance, you should ask yourself if you prefer watching TV shows with recent episodes, or you would rather have a massive archive of films.

Although these two companies seem to offer similar services, the type of content that they specialize in make a huge difference.

In most cases, Hulu features TV shows the day after they are aired, and Netflix gives you an access to more films and TV shows.

Nevertheless, Hulu Plus offers a "Criterion Collection" for older movies.



A specific area that Netflix specialize in is the children's selection.

Upon logging in, you only need to open the file "Netflix for Kids", so you can start navigating and selecting age-appropriate shows to your kids.

In fact, the company has recently signed a contract with Disney as its latest content provider.

This agreement costs at least $300 million a year for exclusive rights that begin at the end of 2016.

On the other hand, Hulu has obtained rights to stream latest season episodes from CBS and Nickelodeon.

While Hulu has a few content for children, it is more focused on prime time cable shows.


Hulu and Netflix offer original programs that are available exclusively on their streaming service.

Earlier in 2013, Hulu Plus released 10 new TV shows that range from comedy and news to travel, as well as a 10-episode film review special with Kevin Smith. What's more, the company offers their original programs to everyone with a web browser even when you don't have a free account to view these shows.


Netflix has created a mix of original films and shows, and it has released an entire season of new shows.

Whether it's Arrested Development, Hemlock Grove and other new releases, Netflix has sustained a consistently steady flow of the latest videos to watch.





Hulu Plus and Netflix allow you to start off on your web browser, as these sites have a single goal of showing you much of their content upon logging in.

In this area, Hulu Plus offers more information than what Netflix offers, as long as you have linked the site to your Facebook account.

In addition, Hulu Plus will show you what your contacts are watching, particularly if it is related to shows that you have watched.


Both of these services are available on Android, iOS, Windows RT and Windows Phone, so it's possible to view films and shows on your tablet, game console, smartphone or Blu-Ray player.

Furthermore, Hulu Plus and Netflix have done an excellent job of providing their content to almost any device that is connected to the internet.

All you need is to create your login details such as a password and username, so you can start using these services and gaining an access to all the settings you have created from your browser.


HD Quality


If what you look for is the finest quality stream using your choice of hardware, then Netflix can provide you with the best viewing experience. By using your PS3 and several other supported devices, the service will stream in at least 1080p with high quality surround sound audio. However, make sure you have a suitable hardware and fast internet connection to obtain this service.




With all these fantastic services offered by both companies, the choice still depends on the price tag.

The general concept is that these two services require you to pay a monthly fee for an unlimited access to a large volume of content.

Hulu Plus and Netflix offer their streaming services for $7.99 a month, although there are minor differences that are worth looking into.


Netflix does not give you an access to its content without paying, and it sets a limit to the number of computers and devices that can use its service with your login.

You may choose to eliminate this limit by opting for the family plan that costs $12.99 a month.


Hulu, on the other hand, allows anyone to access a number of its content even without signing up.

At, there are plenty of free videos for everyone to watch without any commitment of paying for an account.

The only drawback that some people complain about is that Hulu Plus breaks up every show you watch with commercials. Even after you have already paid for the service and patiently watched video commercials and ads, Hulu Plus still restricts the access of certain content depending on your cable provider.

The company will require you to connect your active cable provider account to the service, so you can access some content.


What's great about Netflix is there are fewer obstacles in getting what you pay for. The absence of ads in TV shows and movies is also an outstanding feature of this service.

Moreover, there is no such thing as a pay option to remove these ads completely, and there is no need to skip ads unlike with Hulu Plus.

If you use some type of an ad blocker, Hulu instantly detects this and sends you a message to disable your ad blocker during video commercials.


So Which One is the Better Option?


Considering all these features, you will realize that Netflix is still the better service that adds value to your money.

Hulu Plus has fewer content for kids and adults, and there are annoying ads to deal with.

However, it may suffice if your goal is to use it as a streaming service instead of a DVR because it does not have a larger archive of content, as compared to Netflix.